Save energy in your home, change your pot light lamps to LED

The majority of lamps in pot lights in our homes are 75 watt halogen.  A typical halogen lamp has a life rating of 2500 hours and they cost about $6 to replace.  By switching to LED lamps you will save 75-80% on energy and with a typical life rating of 50,000 hours you will probably never need to replace the lamp again in your lifetime.

Need to replace a T12 fluorescent ballast? Don't bother...

Next time you have a T12 fluorescent ballast fail on you, don't go to your local store and ask for a replacement.  Instead, ask them for a T8 program start electronic ballast and 2 new T8 lamps.  These new parts will fit perfectly into your old fixture and you will reap the benefits.  You'll save 45% energy, your lamp life will nearly double, and your quality of light will improve like night and day.  T12 fluorescent has been discontinued for over 3 years, start switching over to T8 whenever possible.

LED Lighting Makes Sense and Dollars

LED lighting (light emitting diode) is a technology that was invented just over 50 years ago.  It has been on the radar of the lighting industry for many years as the next big thing, the key to tremendous energy savings and maintenance cost reductions.  As recent as 5 years ago the technology was still only on the verge of cracking the mainstream marketplace, it was only marginally suitable from a performance standpoint and the costs were rather prohibitive.  However, in these past 5 years the research and development put into the technology by manufacturers has proven to increase performa


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