Dim your lights to save money and to set the mood

We all know that dimmers are the ideal way to set the mood and have the perfect light level for all situations.  Dimmers can also save you lots of money.  As you dim lights you also decrease the energy consumption of the lights the dimmer is controlling, this brings energy cost savings.  More importantly though, the more you dim your lights the longer the lamps will last.  Rules of thumb, if you dim your lights 15% you triple your lamp life, 25% = 5X lamp life, 50% = 10X lamp life.  Try dimming your lights by 15% all the time, you probably won't see the difference visually, but it will mak

LED Products of Choice

When it comes to LED lighting, fixtures especially, it is always recommended to stick with a major manufacturer rather than a small independant.  There are a multitude of reasons for this with the most important being future support should any failures or defects arise.  A 5 year warranty doesn't do any good if the company who made the fixture is no longer in business.  DDM Design has had great success and support over the years by specifying Lithonia Lighting LED fixtures.  Lithonia is the largest lighting manufacturer in North America and has been in business for nearly 70 years, you can

What to do if your 400W metal halide hi-bay fails.

So many warehouses and shops are lit with 400W metal halide hi-bay fixtures.  Next time one of your fixtures fail and the ballast needs to be replaced, don't replace it.  Instead, buy a 4-lamp T5HO hi-bay fixture and replace the whole fixture.  It will only cost $30-40 more but will reduce your energy consumption by over 50% and will also give more light and longer life.


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